The MoneyWeek Wealth Summit returned as an in-person event on Friday 25 November 2022

Having enjoyed more than a decade of almost non-stop bull markets in the wake of the financial crisis, 2022 saw investors suffer one of the toughest years on record. The pandemic-inspired tech bubble had burst, and the hottest growth stocks of the last few years were crashing.   

But the woes of the tech sector were just a tiny symptom of a much bigger issue – investors were facing severe inflation for the first time in decades, and for many, the first time ever. 

Will central banks raise interest rates until something breaks? And if so, what will it be? Will the latest cryptowinter put an end to bitcoin and dreams of independent digital currency? Or will the sector arise, phoenix-like, from the ashes yet again? How do you protect your wealth – and are there any sectors that might even do well once this storm has passed?
This year’s MoneyWeek Wealth Summit covered all the above questions and more, with host Merryn Somerset Webb joined by expert guest speakers including:

Laura Foll
Portfolio Manager
Janus Henderson

Dr Pippa Malmgren
Partner & Senior Advisor
Monaco Foundry

Russell Napier
Co-Founder & Chairman

Anna Macdonald
Fund Manager
Amati Global Investors

Jim Mellon
Burnbrae Group

Peter Spiller
Founder and CIO
CG Asset Management (CGAM)

John Stepek
Senior Reporter, Bloomberg/ Author of The Sceptical Investor and MoneyWeek's Little Book of Big Crashes

Andrew Van Sickle

Anna Macdonald
Fund Manager
Amati Global Investors


Hosted by

Merryn Somerset Webb
Founding Editor

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