Global markets appear to have found their feet in 2023 after one of the worst years for both stocks and bonds on record. But developed economies are stuck in first gear, and inflation remains uncomfortably high; historical precedent suggests it will stick around. So investors are grappling with stagnation and the threat of stagflation, which suggests interest rates will remain elevated. Geopolitics are another worry: the Ukraine war shows no sign of coming to a close, and China is threatening Taiwan. The unusually murky and unstable backdrop means it has rarely been so difficult to preserve and build wealth.

This year’s MoneyWeek Summit, hosted by the magazine’s editor Andrew Van Sickle along with MoneyWeek’s Digital Editor, Kalpana Fitzpatrick and Deputy Digital Editor, Rupert Hargreaves, is designed to help investors assess the dangers ahead and hunt out the opportunities.

Our array of experts includes Alexander Chartres of Ruffer, who will talk us through the geopolitical backdrop, and Peter Spiller of Capital Gearing. Renowned investment strategist James Montier, whose incisive and comprehensive overviews of the financial landscape have featured regularly in MoneyWeek over the years, will give his assessment of the global backdrop and its implications for asset allocation.

Former MoneyWeek editor-in-chief Merryn Somerset Webb, now a senior columnist at Bloomberg, and former MoneyWeek executive editor John Stepek, now a senior reporter at Bloomberg, will both appear in a panel discussing the outlook for property markets alongside Max King, a regular commentator for the magazine.

One panel will explore the best options for combating stagflation; another, including independent economist Julian Jessop, will attempt to cut the Gordian knot of poor productivity. We will look at the energy and commodities and the top emerging markets too, while another panel will try to identify the areas still growing quickly in this era of stagnation. 

Expert speakers include:

Andrew Van Sickle

Merryn Somerset Webb
Senior Columnist

Julian Jessop
Independent Economist

Laura Foll
Portfolio Manager
Janus Henderson

Alec Cutler
Global Balanced Portfolio Manager
Orbis Investments

Peter Spiller
Founder and CIO
CG Asset Management (CGAM)

James Montier
Asset Allocation

John Stepek
Senior Reporter

Bill Dinning
Chief Investment Officer
Waverton Investment Management

Watch highlights from last year's summit:

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